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Our Services

Psychiatric Services
BHC has several child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists at both our King of Prussia and Warrington locations. Our skilled, experienced psychiatrists perform psychiatric evaluations and provide medication management for many psychiatric disorders, including but not limited to bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD and psychotic disorders.

We believe strongly that psychotherapy, in conjunction with medication management, provides the best and most effect course of treatment. Our philosophy at BHC is that an integrated treatment approach, with both a BHC therapist and psychiatrist, is best for our patients. This allows all mental health professionals to communicate closely and regularly on behalf of our patients and to share patient updates seamlessly through our electronic record system. This kind of collaborative care provides optimal treatment to our patients.

Although we do accept patients who have an outside therapist, these patients will need to schedule an initial evaluation/intake session with one of our therapists. This allows us to perform a thorough history and preliminary diagnosis prior to the psychiatric session.

Pharmacogenetic Testing
Most psychiatrists at BHC are using pharmacogenetic testing if indicated or if patients request it. The test examines patient-specific genetic markers that can identify treatments that are more likely to work as intended and are less likely to cause side effects. The test is done via a cheek swab performed during the office visit and takes only a few minutes.

Psychotherapy Services
Our talented group of psychotherapists treat children, teens, couples, adults and families to assist with the following challenges:

   • ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorders, hyperactive and inattentive type) and other executive function disorders
   • Adjustment problems (to big life changes and stressors)
   • Anger issues • Anxiety and panic disorders
   • Child behavioral problems at school or home
   • Coping with illness and/or pain
   • Couple and marital difficulties
   • Depression • Family functioning challenges
   • Grief and loss
   • Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder

   • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
   • Parenting and step-parenting challenges
   • Relationship problems
   • School behavioral and academic functioning • Self-esteem challenges
   • Stress
   • Social skills and interpersonal communications difficulties • Trauma
   • Workplace issues

BHC offers ongoing support groups for teens and adults. Some of these include:

   • ADHD and social skills groups for children • Coping and support groups for adults
   • DBT groups for children and teens
   • Mindfulness group for chronic pain and illness (adults) • And more!

Groups begin at various times of the year, and usually run for 6-8 weeks. For more
information, call us at 484-685-0965.

Other Services
BHC’s talented group of mental health professionals are available to provide additional consultative and educational services to the community. Some of these services include:

   • Contracts with universities and colleges to provide counseling services
   • Psycho-educational presentations and workshops on a variety of mental health topics for businesses, institutions, faculty

      development days
   • “In-house” support groups (e.g., stress, mindfulness) for corporations, schools and institutions at your location

For more information about our consultative and educational services, please contact Dr. Jeanne DiVincenzo, Director of Outreach Services, at 484-685-0965 x116.